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ICLC Success stories

After one year we have:

  • Rehabilitated over 22 children and enabled them enroll into formal education.
  • Equipped eight (8) caretakers with vocational skills including weaving, crocheting, and hairdressing.
  • Registered the Centre with NGO Board as a National NGO.


Ssekikubo’s Journey:

Amazingly, Mountasim also participates so well in class work activities such as;
Finger painting, scribbling, coloring
Matching puzzles
Counting numbers from 1-10 and reciting letters from A-Z
Generally, Moutasim has had a remarkable progress compared to how he came and we have hope that he will improve for the best because he is also self motivated and cooperative during therapy sessions and he has a dream of getting enrolled in an inclusive school as it applies to his siblings.